User Guide

Dowty Spares Portal

Welcome to the Dowty Spares Portal! We have developed this portal to provide an easy and efficient way for customers to order spare parts for the Dash 8-400 R408 Propeller System. 

This page will outline some of the main features of the portal - we will keep this up-to-date as we develop further features. Should you have any specific questions, or would like a session to provide an overview of the key features of the portal, please contact your usual Dowty Account Representative who can arrange a training session. 

Account Setup

The first step is create an account. 

You will first need to have an account set up with Dowty Propellers. If you do not already have an account, please complete a New Custom form using the following link:

Once you have an account set up, complete the following form to provide the names and email address of people that you would like to have access to the portal to place orders:

Once you are set up with a user account, you will receive an email with your initial login details. The email will look as follows. Follow the link to login to Once you login, you will be requested to create a new password. 



Placing Orders

Searching for Parts 

There are two ways to search for parts. You can either browse parts through the category menus, accessible by the bar along the top of the homepage, or search for the part that you are looking for using the search bar at the top of the page. 

Order Types  

There are three types of orders that you can place - the type of order depends on part availability. 

1. In Stock

If a part is displaying as 'in-stock', you can place an order for the part which (subject to the payment terms) will be shipped within an estimated 5 working days. 

2. Lead Time

If a part is not in stock, and the part has a lead time detailed, you can place an order for the part which (subject to payment terms) will be shipped by the estimated lead time. 

3. Lead Time On Request

If a part is not in stock, and the part has a lead time 'on request', you can place an order for the part. That part will go into a holding queue and the commercial team will respond with a proposed lead time via email. If you wish to accept the proposed lead time, we will accept the order at the proposed lead time and (subject to payment terms) will be shipped by the lead time provided. 

If you do not wish to accept the proposed lead time, the order will be cancelled.

Checkout Screen

To access the checkout, click on cart and then select 'Check Out Now'. 

Shipping Address

Once on the checkout screen, you will see a dropdown menu to select the shipping address. Your shipping addresses should be pre-loaded - if so, select the appropriate shipping address from the menu. If the correct shipping address is not included, enter the correct shipping address and then contact to ensure that the required address is assigned to your account in our ERP system. 

If the billing and shipping address are the same, tick the box. If not, follow the same steps on as above when on the Billing Screen for the Billing Address. 

Shipping Method 

All orders are subject to FCA Delivery Terms (INCOTERMS 2020). You will need to provide your shipping account number and specify your courier via either the drop-down or order comments. If you do not provide the correct shipping account number, your order will be delayed and may be cancelled. 

Billing Address

Follow the same steps as outlined in Shipping Address above. 

Payment Method

There are two payment methods available. If you have agreed credit terms with Dowty Propellers, the available payment method will be 'Agreed Credit Terms'. The order will be processed and the invoice issued separately upon shipment. 

If you do not have credit and payment is required in advance, the available payment method will be 'Proforma'. The order will be received by Dowty, and an invoice will be raised. Once payment is received, the order will be confirmed and processed. 

Completing the Order

Once you have entered or confirmed all of the required, click 'Place Order'. The VAT and Coupon/Gift Certificate fields on the checkout summary do not apply and will be removed in a future update. Please refer to the Dowty Civil Spares Standard Terms and Conditions for all terms relating to the order, available upon request. 

Tracking Orders

You will receive order status updates via email. You are also able to review order status on all orders by clicking on 'Account' and 'Orders'. 

Below is an screenshot of an order summary screen for an order which has 'shipped', where you can key information, including shipping and billing details. 


1. This section details: 

(a) The item ordered; 

(b) The ERP order ID;

(c) The estimated shipping date. 

2. This is the actual shipment date. 

3. This is the shipment summary screen, visible once an order has been shipped. It will be updated with the tracking information once available. 

Summary of Order Status

Below is a summary of the other order statuses you may see on the order tracking screen. Please note order will be associated to the account that placed the order, and will not as this stage summarise all orders for your company if submitted on different user accounts. 

Order Submitted – Once an order is initially submitted it will display at ‘Order Submitted’. This will automatically update to either ‘Awaiting Shipment’ or ‘Manual Verification Required’, depending on payment terms and order information.

Awaiting Shipment – If the order is submitted and the customer is not required to make payment in advance, and there are no issues with any order information (i.e. shipping information, billing information), the status will update to ‘Awaiting Shipment’. The estimated shipping date will be displayed on the order status.

Manual Verification Required – An order will be placed on ‘Manual Verification Required’ for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are on proforma payment terms. Once an order is received, if the part has a catalogue lead time or is in stock, we will raise an invoice for the order. Once payment is received, the order will be updated to ‘Awaiting Shipment’.
  • The part is not in stock and the lead time is ‘On Request’. We will review and propose a lead time – if you wish to accept the lead time, the order will be changed to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ (subject to the payment terms). If you do not wish to accept the lead time, the order will be cancelled.
  • We need to confirm shipping or billing details. If any of the details do not match our ERP account records, we will need to manually review. We aim to resolve the matter internally, but may follow up with you for more information before the order is accepted.

Shipped – The order has been shipped. We will update the order with tracking details once these are received from the customer’s courier.

Partially Shipped – Only some of the items in an order have been shipped. We will update the order with the tracking details once these are received from the customer’s courier.

Refunded – An order has been refunded.

Partially Refunded – An order has been partially refunded.

Further Information

If you need any more information, please get in touch via the contact details listed here:

We will be continuously working to improve the site to provide you with the best service possible. We would be grateful to receive any comments or feedback relating to the site here: